Social Responsibility

Dare to share

Dare to share. Scelta Mushrooms wants to contribute to a better society. We do that with our natural and healthy products, but also by supporting community projects. We have always given back to the community as a whole and our efforts have helped many.

Education & Research

Kids University for Cooking intends to change children’s food behaviour and aims to improve their health by connecting them with the wonderful world of food. From 'farm gate to dinner plate'.

Chair 'Youth, Health & Nutrition

has the mission to encourage children to consume more healthy food in order to ultimately promote health and well-being. People aren't born with bad dietary habits, these are developed during childhood. Therefore, promoting adult health starts with creating a healthy lifestyle during childhood. This means that the research by the Chair will primarily focus on understanding and mastering the key elements of food choices and its positive health effects on children.

Nierstichting - Dutch Kidney Foundation

Their mission is to establish a future with less kidney disease and to improve the quality of life for all kidney patients. Our mission is to establish a future with less kidney disease and to improve the quality of life for all kidney patients.

85% of the Dutch population eat more than the maximum advised salt intake of 6g of salt per day, it’s an average of 9g salt per day. 80% of this figure is attributable to the consumption of processed foods.


Black Jaguar Foundation

Their goal is to help realize the Araguaia Biodiversity corridor in central Brazil. It will be the longest nature corridor on earth. And it has the potential to become the largest reforestation project in South America, improving the life of each of us and all future generations on our planet.

United against food waste

At present, a third of the food prepared across the world is wasted. The task force aims to halve this proportion in the Netherlands by 2030. This will boost the country’s pioneering ambition to become the first in Europe to meet Target 12.3 of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (which calls on all nations to halve food waste and reduce food loss by 2030).

Vitality & Health

Fonds gehandicaptensport (Sports fund for the disabled)

We are strongly committed to people with disabilities. It is why we have subscribed to the 1% FairShare® concept promoted by the Fonds Gehandicaptensport (sports fund for the disabled). The 1% FairShare® concept is a scheme under which businesses invest 1% on top of their total sports sponsorship budget in sport for the disabled. For people with a physical or mental handicap, playing sports is very important. Sport improves their fitness and motor skills, expands their social networks and builds their self-confidence, resulting in enhanced participation in society.


As former shirt sponsor of VVV-Venlo, Scelta is nowadays a proud business partner of VVV-Venlo.


Atelier Oet de Verf - Art studio for the disabled

The art studio for people with a mental or multiple disability. They practice the profession of artist under supervision. The participants decide what will be painted and it always results in the most beautiful and creative artworks.


The vivid and vibrant colours of their paintings create a joyful presence at The Scelta Institute. Jan was asked several times if the paintings were for sale so he decided to do just that... and numbered each canvas and staged a spontaneous auction. It was such a successful and fun event, raising a significant amount, that it became an annual date in the diary.

Fanfare De Echo 

The local music association from Hout-Blerick.