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If you want to know where the magic at Scelta Mushrooms happens, it’s at our headquarters: The Scelta Institute. This is where new product development emerges from the meeting of creative people who constantly exchange ideas - connecting sales, marketing and R&D.


The institute is host to corporate events, suppliers and Scelta staff. It is more than an institute – it is a home to everyone in the world of innovation and food. And mushrooms, of course.

Our Head Chef

Ruud Ververgaard, our chef helps to develop our winnovations for our production facilities. From the kitchen to the factory.


Furthermore he is responsible for all the delicious food served at all The Scelta Kitchen events.

The Scelta Kitchen

Because it has so much to offer, we like to share the building with others. Especially for companies that are active in the food industry and want to focus on R&D. Furthermore, the Scelta Institute is used as a venue for seminars, presentations, tastings etc. It is the perfect place to meet, create, have fun and be inspired.


All these events are being organized under the name ‘The Scelta Kitchen’.

"Our future can be defined in one word: winnovation. In The Scelta Institute new products are constantly created based on market and customer input. Here we develop food for the future."