Our Growers

Sustainable growing

Making use of state-of-the-art technology, mushrooms are grown in high-yield mushroom cellars, under strictly controlled conditions. For us, taste and sustainability are key.

Our mushroom growing partners grow our produce on compost. Horse manure, chicken manure and straw, all in various ways waste products, are combined with gypsum. This mixture is processed into compost by a small number of high-capacity and high-quality producers. This stage takes place in an indoor environment, in which gas emissions can be managed and recycled. Mixed with mushroom spawn, this compost forms the breeding ground for our delicious mushrooms.

The casing soil which tops our recycled compost is made of water, virgin peat, and spent lime, a by-product of the sugar-beet refining process. All natural. No chemicals or pesticides are required to produce mushrooms and they grow in the dark. The mushrooms are harvested with the use of innovative specialized equipment, while the remaining compost and topsoil are reused as fertilizer for land improvement.

Jan Klerken created the concept of Dutchrooms® as a fun but clear reflection of the Scelta mushroom’s origin and heritage. A fun way to differentiate their superior taste and form.

 5 reasons why Dutchrooms are the best in the world



Because yields are so high two flushes are sufficient, which leads to shorter cycles without the use of chemicals or pesticides. Our mushrooms are sourced from local, GLOBAL G.A.P. certified growers.


Food safety | Traceability

Our logistic lines are short, therefore we can guarantee 100% traceability and food safety all of which are certified to the highest quality assurance systems.


High quality indoor-composting

Production of our all-important compost is concentrated within a few high capacity, high quality and high yield producers giving far greater yields.


Year-round production and supply

Quality control of all our mushrooms is carried out to International Food Standard (IFS) which ensures that our products meet the highest standards in the food industry.


Mechanical harvest

Our growers have generations of experience cultivating mushrooms and utilise specialist equipment so expensive labour costs are reduced. Scelta Mushrooms offer the freshest, tastiest mushrooms, grown with the utmost respect for our environment.

Meet one of our growers

Van Asseldonk Champignons is a Dutch family business who has worked in partnership with us for over 20 years.

It could be said that we have given local companies like Van Asseldonk the chance to grow and innovate, but the truth is, we couldn’t do what we do without their hard work.