Ecopouch Mushrooms


Sous vide mushrooms: Combining the best of fresh and preserved

Ecopouch™ mushrooms are packed only hours after harvesting, they’re then cooked sous vide, in their own juice. No blanching (which is bad for flavour and nutrients) and definitely nothing added. No salt, no other ingredients, no E-numbers.

  • Excellent taste and mouthfeel similar to fresh.
  • Ready to use right away.
  • Pre-cooked (sous vide) and only requires reheating for a few seconds.
  • Ecopouch stock (cooking juices) is perfect for homemade soups and sauces.
  • Super sustainable - less packaging and less energy.
  • On request flavourings can be added, such as: trifolati, truffle, salt & pepper etc.

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Available in various sizes

Cap size

Small - 32 mm
Medium - 40 mm
Large - 50 mm




(on request)

Natural / salt & pepper / butter & garlic / truffle

Pack size

Standard packaging includes
2,5 kg and 6 kg pouches


We've recently added a new range of Ecopouch toppings to our assortment. A tasty and easy solution for burgers to save you precious time in preparation and handling. Available in various flavours, consisting of 60% mushrooms & 40% sauce.

Ecopouch mushrooms applications

Burgers, soups, sauces, pizzas, wraps, spreads, paté, salads, pastries, pastas, risotto, omelettes


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Use our Ecopouch in soups. Both mushrooms and liquid can be used.

Our Ecopouch Factory

Scelta Essenza is the production facility for Ecopouch mushrooms and is located in Venlo, the Netherlands. The factory is fully automatic and applies the latest techniques in vacuum-preservation, which results in zero waste output and is more energy efficient than traditional preserves. Have a look at our state-of-the-art production facility.

Have a look at Scelta Essenza.



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