Preserved Mushrooms


Never run out of stock

In 1983 our pillow pack winnovation for bulk consumers revolutionized the industry. Compared to cans, our polybags are a lot more user- and environment-friendlier. The manufacturing process is more energy-efficient and there is significantly less waste. The shelf stable mushrooms are being kept fresh and tasty for up to 1 year. Whole, sliced, pasteurized, blanched, clean label, organic or not.. Our mushrooms come in various shapes and sizes and can be used in products such as fresh ready meals and much more.

  • Never short of mushrooms.
  • Up to 12 months shelf life, chilled.
  • Processed shortly after harvest.
  • Available in various sizes.


Preserved - wholekopie

Our polybag



Preserved - slices

Available in various sizes


Cap size

Various cap sizes from
20 mm - 80 mm



Slice thickness

Various slice thicknesses
from 4 mm - 9 mm

Pack size

Standard packaging includes
10 kg polybags

Preserved mushrooms applications

Burgers, soups, sauces, pizzas, wraps, spreads, paté, salads, pastries, pastas, risotto, omelettes


Rustic omelette with mushrooms on chives, roasted panini health bread
Mushroom strudel

Our Polybag Factory

Our polybag factory Comé is located in Horst. After the mushrooms have been picked at the farm, the crates are wheeled into the hall as quickly as possible. The mushrooms are immediately placed in a vacuum where they suck up water. Mushrooms contain quite a bit of air: by placing them into a vacuum this gets replaced by water, making sure they won’t float to the surface when in the blanching kettle. Blanching (heating something in almost boiling water) is the first step to prolonging the mushrooms’ shelf life.



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