Scelta Mushrooms is a recognised, leading player in the global food industry. Represented across three sectors of global food, namely the food industry, food service and retail.


Food Industry

You’ll find our mushrooms in soups, pizzas, lasagnes, pastas, in fact, in hundreds of foods, ready meals and dishes. We deliver our mushrooms to the Top 25 leading global food corporations, as well as young pioneering brands and healthy food companies all around the world.

Food Retail

Thanks to our global logistics and distribution know how, our mushrooms waste no time from (farm) gate to plate. We ensure they’re as fresh as possible by the time they reach the supermarket shelves. Usually packaged under the Supermarket’s own label, the mushrooms for your full English breakfast or Italian tagliatelle con funghi, probably came from Scelta.


Food Service

We supply clients in the Foodservice and Out of Home market, including some of the best known brand names in Quick Service and Casual Dining Restaurants. We also supply major wholesalers and many specialist catering companies, who in turn, supply the hospitality, hotel and airlines sectors.

Supplying almost 650 partners in more than 70 countries

More than 90% of our activities can be attributed to export, which gives us a truly global mindset. We coordinate all sales and marketing activity from our Venlo head office. We coordinate all sales and marketing activity from our Venlo head office. Over the years we have learnt that each country speaks not only its own language, and is unique with their culture based on centuries of traditions and consumption patterns.

Traveling around the world

We know how important it is to keep up to date with the biggest global trends in food. Our understanding of the market is due not only to our local salesforce, but also to our presence at the biggest international food fairs.