Frozen Mushrooms


Fresher than fresh

Scelta is world leader in IQF mushrooms. What sets Scelta Mushrooms’ frozen mushrooms apart? They keep their shape, have a consistent bite and mouth feel, and the vivid flavour of a food freshly harvested.

  • IQF (individually quick frozen) system preserves the form, structure and taste of mushrooms.
  • Frozen shortly after harvest.
  • A long shelf life up to 24 months without the use of preservatives.
  • Easy storage, handling and portioning.
  • Also available as chestnut & portobello mushrooms.
  • All IQF mushrooms are available unblanched, scalded, blanched and organic.

* We also offer Super Dry mushrooms which have a richer taste, less moisture, less shrinkage and more slices per kilo.

Available in various sizes

Cap size

Various cap sizes from
20 mm - 80 mm

Slice thickness

Various slice thicknesses
from 4 mm - 9 mm

Pack size

Various packagings from
bags of 450 g to
octabins of 850 kg

Frozen mushrooms applications

Pizzas, mono bags, soups, sauces, mixes, ready meals, hamburgers, pasta, sandwiches…



Our Frozen Factory

Champi-mer, the production facility for frozen mushrooms located in Kesteren, the Netherlands. The process is fully automatic: cooling, washing, cutting and onto a deep-freezing conveyor belt where the temperature is minus 40 degrees Celsius. A strong air flow prevents the mushrooms from sticking together. Within half an hour, they come out of the tunnel and go into their packaging.

Have a look at Champi-mer.