Scelta Mushrooms

How we work

Scelta has been driving innovation in the mushroom industry for almost 30 years. We are all about combining, co-creating, innovating and keeping track of things. We have a long view vision and broad production possibilities. We are large enough to actually transform market conditions and opportunities into new products and concepts. We know how to connect client and consumer opinion to our local know-how, and being a one-stop supplier of an extensive product range we are always able to match the supply with demand.

Family Business

Mushrooms are part of the Klerken family's DNA for almost 60 years. Jan Klerken inherited a love for mushrooms from his parents and passed 'the mushroom gene' onto his children Jan jr. and Jules who are now actively putting their own stamp on the family business.

Scelta People

You don't need to be a Klerken to feel part of the Scelta family. The feeling of easy cooperation, collaboration and unity is actively fostered through good food, regular social events and initiatives like 'Scelta goes vital'. An initiative created to help people feel better and to get to know each other better... everyone's welcome.

Experimenting and innovation

‘Winnovation’ is Scelta’s foundation. Innovation is in the DNA of our company. It is the driving force that has shaped our company and will continue in the future. The world of food is evolving with new trends, new technologies and new needs. At Scelta Mushrooms new products are developed through irritation, inspiration, research and trends. All around three main pillars: taste, health and sustainability. We dare to be different. Together with our partners we are continually looking for new sectors where we can put mushrooms to use, for new taste sensations, new opportunities and healthy products. Curious about the latest developments?

Our mission statement since 1993

Grow great mushrooms,
Turn clients into friends,
Build a global network,
Make customers’ wishes come true
Have fun while making a profit.