Scelta has been driving innovation in the mushroom industry for almost 30 years. Everyday 1 billion of our mushrooms are consumed around the world. Putting smiles on faces. A healthy sustainable super food.

Welcome to Scelta Mushrooms.

Frozen mushrooms

Fresher than fresh

Our frozen mushrooms closely resemble fresh mushrooms, with a very distinctive silhouette, a consistent bite and the vivid flavour of a food freshly harvested.


Ecopouch sous vide mushrooms

Combine the best of fresh and preserved

Our Ecopouch mushrooms are sous vide cooked and preserved in their own juice. No blanching nor adding additives. This results in a clean label and shelf stable product which is easy to use.

Grilled mushrooms

Sweet & smoky

Grilled mushrooms bring out a desirable sweet and smoky taste. The dry heat of grilling forms a caramelized crust, sealing in all flavour and moisture.

Preserved mushrooms

Never run out of stock

With our advances in preserving technology, they last and last and last. Our polybags keep our mushrooms in wonderful shape month after month.

Mushrooms in sauces

Tasty and easy solution

Choose your favourite topping and be guaranteed of a tasty and consistent meal. We developed a range of sauces to save you precious time in preparation and handling.

Sustainable Dutchrooms®

The best mushrooms in the world. Making use of state-of-the-art technology, mushrooms are grown in high-yield mushroom cellars, under strictly controlled conditions. For us, taste and sustainability are key.

Scelta is a recognised, leading player in the global food industry.We are represented across three sectors of global food, namely the food industry, food retail and food service.

Research & Development

‘Winnovation’ is Scelta’s foundation. Innovation is in the DNA of our company. It is the driving force that has shaped our company and will continue in the future. All around three main pillars: taste, health and sustainability.

Our mission statement since 1993

Grow great mushrooms,
Turn clients into friends,
Build a global network,
Make customers’ wishes come true
Have fun while making a profit.