Scelta Inside

Creating great healthy taste


Meet our sister company: Scelta Inside

During 2019,  we created a separate specialist ingredients division called “Scelta Inside”.

At Scelta Inside they know all about creating great healthy taste. Scelta Inside is specialised in selling natural, healthy, Umami rich ingredients. Along with sweet, sour, bitter and salt, Umami is referred to as the '5th taste', a deep savoury flavour that completes the taste spectrum. Umami harmonizes tastes in foods and brings about mildness and deliciousness. It enhances saltiness and sweetness. Gives every bite a full and long lasting taste. Next to this Umami is also works a to mask off tastes and bitter. It's an exceptional ingredient for a variety of product categories and applications.

The team at Scelta Inside is experienced in supporting product developers and R&D teams to boost flavour, reduce salt and create clean label or just better tasting versions by applying our natural umami flavours to our customers products.

Naturally based. Scientifically proven.

Scelta Inside was established in 2019 to build on our knowledge of the white button mushroom and take our dedication to functional food ingredients to the next level. The company's strong belief is that food can be delicious and healthy at the same time. Scelta Inside embraces innovation and undertakes extensive R&D, exploring and developing effective food supplements made from the little white wonder, the white button mushroom.


They support the global food industry by supplying our customers with an innovative range of natural, functional ingredients that contribute to health and a good taste.