10 reasons why you should use Ecopouch™

Convince yourself and doubt no longer

If you ever had a doubt, here are 10 reasons to use Ecopouch™ mushrooms instead of every other kind of mushroom


1. Lower total cost

Less handling and less preparation time. Ecopouch™  gives chefs the time to focus on other things saving precious time and money.


2. Convenience

Ecopouch™ mushrooms are pre-sliced and pre-cooked. You can use them immediately in cold applications, or just heat them shortly for delicious warm applications.


3. Taste and mouthfeel

Ecopouch™ mushrooms are processed just hours after harvesting. This guarantees  excellent taste and mouthfeel, similar to a fresh mushroom.


4. Clean label

Ecopouch™ mushrooms are boiled in their own juice. No additives - so-called E-numbers – are being used.


5. Stable shelf life

Up to 2 years shelf life in an ambient environment which saves costs and valuable space in your chiller. Keep refrigerated after opening and use within 3 days.


6. Flavour options

Depending on your needs the product can even be seasoned to create complete ready meal solutions that cut time – not taste.


7. Storage & transportation

The ecopouches take less shelf- and transport space than most other packaging formats. Besides our logistic lines are short and therefore we can guarantee 100% traceability and food safety.

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8. Commercially sterile

Ecopouch™ mushrooms are cooked during the production process  therefore the product is free of microorganisms.


9. No soggy meals

Moist gets separated during production, making it ideal as a topping for burgers, pizzas or sandwiches. The reduced moisture level will prevent your meal from getting soggy.


10. Sustainable Dutchrooms® 

Year round, sustainable, high quality mushrooms grown in pesticide free compost with complete traceability. Using Dutch mushrooms, you benefit from the world’s highest quality standards.

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