Fungi-based products
for healthier animals


Scelta Mycofeed produces sustainable fungi-based products which contribute to healthy livestock. Our products are based on scientific evidence and benefit the health and performance of animals. By working together with selected partners we are able to develop innovative solutions which provide added value for the entire chain. Scelta Mycofeed is a sister company of Scelta Mushrooms; a leading player in the global food industry.

Funginal: mushroom mycelium fermented grain

Mushrooms are gathering more attention for their numerous health benefits. Funginal is a novel feed product based on proprietary mushroom mycelium fermented on rye. The fungi species used is the Agaricus blazei Murril, also known as the Sun Mushroom, originating in the Brazilian rain forest. This mushroom has been widely recognized for its health-promoting properties in humans and animal, including natural defense system modulation, prebiotic and antioxidant effects.

Fungal fermented products contain several compounds that play a role in gastrointestinal health and pathogenic bacteria control. Microbial enzymes produced during fermentation will degrade polysaccharides from feed material into indigestible and bioactive oligosaccharides. Other bioactive components are β-glucans, which have been demonstrated to have immunomodulatory properties and to support intestinal health and microbiota balance.

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