Wouldn’t it be great if chefs and kitchen staff could reduce the amount of important but time consuming chores in the kitchen? Wouldn’t it be even better if we could reduce other costs at the same time? With our Ecopouch® mushrooms both can be achieved.

Ecopouch® is an innovative product that has turned the world of mushroom conservation on its head. Only hours after harvesting the fresh mushrooms are processed. Packed in pouches and boiled in their own juice. Retaining their excellent taste and mouthfeel similar to that of fresh mushrooms.

To make sure a chef can focus on the more important things we can provide our mushrooms in Ecopouch pre-sliced or diced. Or you can buy them as whole buttons of course. Many sizes are available depending on your food service needs. All Ecopouch® products are precooked and only require reheating for a brief time. Or you could even use them straight from the pouch. On a sandwich or in a salad.

Additionally flavouring can be included. It can be as simple as adding just salt and or pepper. But we can also combine our mushrooms with more complex recipes such as an Italian trilofati or even an oriental teriyaki. Requiring even less preparation time for a delicious meal.

The mushrooms are preserved in their own juice. And because they are cooked in a vacuum the product has an ambient shelf life of 24 months. There’s no need to refrigerate them while in storage. Not only does the product taste much better than canned or bottled products. It also requires a lot less storage space than cans or jars because it’s packed in a flexible pouch.

Ecopouch® will save you precious time and it will cut down storage related costs at the same time.

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