Studies have shown that texture and structure of food can have a big influence on taste. But it’s not just taste that gives us a specific experience while eating. It’s the combination of smell and aroma alongside taste that makes us enjoy or dislike what we’re eating.

A specific smell is mostly caused by the fluid characteristics of a product. Ecopouch® products contain freshly harvested mushrooms that are boiled in their own juice. By preserving all the natural fluids we keep the optimal mushroom smell that’s necessary to retain that natural fresh taste that everybody knows and that we love! Also no other preservative fluids are added such as ascorbic acid.

By chewing on food you release certain molecules that are registered in the back of your nose. This is what we call aroma. Again an important building block of taste in general which is similar to smell.

The texture and structure of mushrooms form the final building block in how we experience eating mushrooms. Dissolvable components in food are responsible for sweetness, bitterness, sourness, saltiness and the umami taste. Better dissolvability has a stronger influence on the taste experience.

The mushrooms in our Ecopouch® are boiled in a vacuum retaining their original texture. When eating them it feels almost exactly the same compared to fresh mushrooms prepared by a chef. This means that dissolvability of the Ecopouch® mushrooms is almost similar to fresh mushrooms.

Because Ecopouch® mushrooms are processed briefly after harvesting we manage to retain the natural components. This guarantees a taste experience and a mouthfeel which almost identical to that of fresh mushrooms.

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