It doesn’t matter whether your restaurant is all about speed and quick service. Or whether it is your goal to give your guests the best possible dining experience. You never want to keep your guests waiting. Nor do you want to waste precious time on preparing a simple dish or side dish. At Scelta we understand our food service client’s needs as no other.

Nobody want to be put under pressure or a least not too much. With Ecopouch® we try to relieve some of that pressure.

After the mushrooms are harvested they arrive at the factory within a couple of hours. Depending on the customer’s needs we put whole button mushrooms in the innovative Ecopouch® or we slice or dice them up first. After that they continue their way into one of the big ovens. The mushrooms are boiled in their own juice. Locking in and preserving a taste and mouthfeel almost identical to fresh mushrooms.

Because we’ve done the boiling already for you. All you need to do is reheat them for a short amount of time. Either add them straight to the dish or give them a quick burn on the grill. You can save even more time when you are in the business of sandwiches or salads. Use the mushrooms straight from the Ecopouch® as a healthy and delicious garnish or as a major component of your dish of course.

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