Refrigerators may not be the most sexy appliances in your kitchen. That doesn’t mean however that they are less important than your cooktop or ovens. They are switched on 24 hours a day and store one of the most important tools you need every day. Your ingredients to create amazing meals! In most cases however the amount of refrigerated space you have is limited and you have to use it wisely. And telling a guest you’re out of stock is the last thing you would probably want.

Cooking with fresh mushrooms requires you to use a refrigerator which limits both the space and also the time for storage. Ecopouch® mushrooms provide a solution for both of these challenges.

Because the mushrooms are preserved briefly after harvesting they keep a taste and texture similar to fresh mushrooms. The difference between fresh mushrooms and Ecopouch® mushrooms however is that the fresh ones will start going bad after three days even when refrigerated. Ecopouch® mushroom can be stored up to two years. They don’t even require any special storage conditions. The pouches can be store in an ambient environment.

Another big difference between Ecopouch® and the more traditional ways of packing preserved mushrooms can found in the packaging. Everybody probably knows the various cans and glass jars that have dominated the preserved mushroom market for years. These types of packaging are not flexible at all and they require storage in a dark and cool place whereas Ecopouch can be stored anywhere in ambient conditions. The flexible aluminum pouch can be stored easily in various locations.

Because of the pouch’s flexibility the prepacking in boxes is more efficient. The round shaped cans and jars leave empty spaces around them in a box wasting precious space. Therefore a lot more Ecopouch® mushroom can be transferred in one box. Improving transportation efficiencies.

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