Deep-freezing is another method of extending the shelf life of mushrooms. In this method, mushrooms are not blanched; they are only being washed. The flavour of frozen mushrooms is therefore fresher than jarred or canned mushrooms. Frozen mushrooms will give off a little more moisture during cooking, but this is retained in the dish.

Champi’mer, a production facility for frozen mushrooms in Kesteren, the Netherlands, deep-freezes 80 million kilos of mushrooms each year. The process is fully automatic: cooling, washing, cutting and onto a deep-freezing conveyor belt. The mushrooms dance over the conveyor belt through a deep-freezing conveyor belt where the temperature is minus 40 degrees Celsius. The dancing is caused by a strong air flow that is blown through the sliced mushrooms to prevent them from sticking together. Within half an hour, they come out of the tunnel and go into their packaging.


Have a little sneak peek in our factory in Kesteren