As we learn more and more about mushrooms, we create more innovative solutions to a whole range of challenges. In food, but also in cosmetics, biodegradable packaging, the flavour and fragrance industries and who know what yet to come. We proudly present some of our (new) products and partnerships.

The Vitamin Food Company

Under the name of the Vitamin Food Company we develop, research, produce and market healthy, vitamin-rich food, functional food, dietary supplement and diet products. The products can be in various food or supplement forms, for example beverages, bars, soups, sachets, shots, chewing gums, gummy bears, capsules or tablets

Vitamin D

Vitamin D deficiency is a problem for at least a third of us. Mushrooms contain ergosterol, which, after exposure to ultraviolet light, generates vitamin D naturally. By enhancing the vitamin D content of our mushroom products, we can make them a natural, non-animal source of vitamin D.

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Vitamin D

Just two to three vitamin-D-enriched mushrooms can deliver 100% of our daily needs.


Scelta Ceuticals and SylvanScelta develop products that support the health of humans and animals on the level of the immune system: the funginal foods. These products are 100% natural and mushroom-based. Take the almond mushroom for example. Research has shown that substances in this mushroom support and modulate the immune system.

Murill capsules

Our Murill food supplement range supports and modulates the human immune system, keeping harmful external influences at bay. The almond mushroom (Agaricus Blazei Murill) contains 1,3 – 1,6 beta glucans and Ergosterol. Beta glucans modulate the immune system, while Ergosterol is important for the absorption of calcium. Our Murill capsules can be ordered direct from


SylvanScelta Feed

Based on the same Almond mushroom, SylvanScelta produces food ingredients and feed material which supports animal health at the immune system level. The feed helps in the management of healthy livestock and can reduce the need for antibiotics. For famers, this reduces the risk of infections and the need for medication.


In addition to our own new business development projects, we do participate in start-up food companies which aim to contribute to a healthier society. Two examples are Bart’s Bar and BOON.


BOON develops healthy bean products as an alternative to meat, for example balls and burgers, curries and ready meals. Michael Luesink, founder of BOON Foodconcepts, has the mission to become the most sustainable and innovative bean producer in the world. BOON contributes to a more balanced consumption of less animal proteins and more vegetable proteins.