It looks like fat, it taste like fat, it acts like fat but it is not fat!

Scelta Vegout® Fat

Scelta Vegout® Fat is a plant-based way to replace and reduce fat content without compromising functionality or taste. This natural and minimally processed product locks in succulence and juiciness, but also drastically reduces the overall fat content. With only a few ingredients it is the perfect fat alternative for vegan, vegetarian and even meat products.

Delicious | Mimic sensory traits of animal fat and possess similar flavour, texture and appearance.


Healthier | Low in fat content, minimally processed, free from trans fats, soy, gluten and antibiotics.


Sustainable | Animal-friendly fat as it is made from plant-based ingredients.


Multi-purpose | Can be used in many applications varying from meat replacers to actual meat products.

The why behind the product 

Taste gap between animal-based and plant-based foods. Fats are the key to erase that gap.

Unsustainable production of fats used for plant-based foods.

Growing consumer demand for more sustainable and plant-based products

Applicable in a wide range of vegan, vegetarian and even meat products


Nutritional facts


About Scelta VegOut

Scelta Mushrooms is one the biggest producers of mushroom products.  Supplying all the leading brands in the food industry, food service and retail in more than 70 countries worldwide.

VegOut® Fungi are a Yorkshire based development company with over 70 years experience in mushroom and low-fat vegan food developments.

In 2022 we joined forces and established: Scelta VegOut, the fungi fat company.

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