Mushroom Appetizers

Coated in crunchy goodness

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Our breaded mushrooms are made of freshly frozen, high quality white button mushrooms. The mushrooms are frozen literally hours after  harvesting using the most advanced ‘IQF’ system to preserve a superior fresh taste up to 2 years. These nutritious bites are pre-fried in a crispy golden-brown coating and are available in various exciting flavours.

  • Quick and easy to prepare in an oven, deep fryer or airfryer
  • Wide range of uses, for example as a perfect appetizer or fingerfood or as a surprising side dish
  • Nutritious vegetarian appetizers with tasty coatings
  • 100% meat-free
  • Clean, crisp, clearly identifiable vegetables
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Breaded / battered / beer battered

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Natural / garlic / cajun / parsley / lemon & black pepper / salt & pepper


Pack size

Standard packaging includes
4 x 2,5kg and 10 x 1kg

Available in Scelta Veggietizer packaging

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Our appetizer factory

Scelta Products in Kruiningen, in the province of Zeeland, produces mushrooms, vegetables and onions, coated in crunchy goodness. It just takes 90 minutes to turn a fresh veggie into a finished product. The vegetables are dusted in a thin layer of flour, salt and other flavourings such as garlic powder. Hundreds of different flavours can be produced. The vegetables continue their conveyor belt journey, to disappear under a layer of batter, then breadcrumbs, another layer of batter and an extra layer of breadcrumbs. Those double layers make it extra crunchy. In the freezer, each product will be snap frozen, before leaving the factory.