Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is hotter than ever. It’s a broad concept that can be interpreted in many ways. “Shouldn’t our children be the most important motive for modern employers to start implementing CSR?” Jan Klerken wondered when a 2009 rapport (the Eindrapport Convenant Overgewicht 2009) showed an alarming increase in overweight children. The food industry has to take responsibility too. Scelta Mushrooms took the initiative and established The Kids University for Cooking Foundation.

Healthy eating is important for children. For their growth, mental development, energy levels and immune system. But generally speaking, people don’t always eat healthily. Eating seems to have lost its importance. Children know very little about where their food comes from. Many don’t know that chips are made from potatoes. They think milk comes from rectangular cartons. Furthermore, we have forgotten what good, healthy food tastes like and children are the victims of this.

The Kids University for Cooking Foundation wants to stimulate healthy food, by informing them about good food, letting them cook their own food, taking them to see growers, letting them help to make healthy products. The slogan: from, for, by and with children. Allow children to feel, smell, taste and process food and they will discover that healthy can be fun and tasty. Their behaviour will change. Children love experimenting with food. Food = fun!

The Kids University for Cooking Foundation aims to familiarize children from 8 to 12 with healthy eating and living. We are teaching them by experience to make the right choices where food and drink are concerned.

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Kokkerelli®: Cooperation of education, business, government and research

Kokkerelli is working at a next vital generation by trying to connect educational aspects with the interests of the government, business and research.

The educational programmes are leek, carrot, tomato, sweet pepper, strawberry, blueberry, asparagus, mushroom and cabbage. In an educational program, first the team of Kokkerelli visits the school of the children. Further steps are:

  • a cultivation and harvesting workshop
  • an ingredients table
  • a cooking workshop
  • and a common meal.

Finally, the team of Kokkerelli is evaluating the educational programme at school – with the children.

20.000 kids already participated until now! Furthermore approved the Healthy Living Centre the educational programme as a positive lifestyle intervention.

Kokkerelli® is built into a fund, caring and educational brand: from, for, by and with children!

Doing research for business

Why don’t children eat leek? Is it because of the colour? Or the taste? Or even because they don’t like the outer appearance of this vegetable? Kokkerelli is making kids panels to find out.

Kokkerelli is therefore also working with companies. What does the company want? Do they want to develop a product, which is healthier and tastier than alternatives? One company, which is quite busy with thinking over food for the youth is the theme park “Efteling”. Together with Kokkerelli and a lot of children they developed the “tastiest kids croquette” – and, what we can tell is, it tastes amazing.

The products which are invented by such kids panels are automatically ‘kids proof’. This means, it is made for, by and with children and fulfills the Kokkerelli guidelines.

A lot has been changed between me and the tomato!

Added value for partners

Of course we offer added value to our partners. First is social commitment. Second: partners participate actively in a next vital generation. Who has the youth, has the future! Third, children benefit from the food education. And, last but not least, the answers of the kids in the panels can be used for market leadership, kids proof products and for brilliant ideas from, for, by and with children.