15 minutes of sunshine should be enough to give you the daily needed level of vitamin D. But many factors influence this source of vitamin D: availability of sunlight, latitude, time of the year, time of the day, parts of your body covered by clothes, colour of your skin, age and time. How many people really sit for 15 minutes a day in the sun? Probably not a lot of people since 75% of the world population has a vitamin D deficiency. Depending on the country the daily advised intake level for vitamin D vary between 10-20 µg (400IU – 800 IU). 

Besides the sun there are food sources which contain vitamin D. 

Mushrooms contain a provitamin called ergosterol which can be converted into vitamin D2 under the influence of UVB light. This type of light is a big part of the natural sunlight. The mushroom then converts it into vitamin D2 all by itself. Nothing is added to the product artificially.

Because growing white button mushrooms (Agaricus bisporus) happens inside and therefore in the dark they don’t receive any sunlight (UVB). That’s why a UVB controlled light treatment during the production process is applied to make the vitamin D2 available. The exact amount of vitamin D2 released is regulated because the process is both controlled and checked.

This is how they do it

Ergosterol can be coverted to vitamin D under the influence of UVB light

Vitamin D has many benefits for man’s body and mental health. The main function of vitamin D is to maintain the calcium balance which is necessary for the maintenance of strong bones. Also Vitamin D plays a key role in boosting the immune system as well as repair and maintenance of DNA and gene regulation.

Scelta Mushrooms will start making vitamin D available in their innovative Ecopouch® product. This is a versatile and clean label conserved mushroom pouch. The Ecopouch is mainly sold in the Food service channel. Scelta is the first company in the world to apply this method of conservation to processed mushrooms.

In the meanwhile other production processes are also prepared to make vitamin D available across the range, like mushroom powders and dried mushrooms.