Umami, also known as the 5th taste, has only just become popular in the western world, while the Japanese have been familiar to it for centuries. For a long time, it was thought that humans could only distinguish between 4 basic tastes, but in the early 20th century, umami came into the picture. There are many food items that are chockful of umami, including:

-And most important: mushrooms.

Tomatoes, cheese and... mushrooms!

This is why everybody loves mushrooms on pizza:
they increase the level of umami on it

What exactly is Umami?

Basically, umami means that the food contains a high level of glutamate. It also stimulates your appetite and makes you feel nice and full, but maybe the most useful aspect of umami is that it can make you eat less salt.

Umami means “deliciousness” in Japan. It’s true: the umami-taste is so delicious.