To give bacteria no chance it’s important to store food the way it’s communicated on the packaging.  Please do note that not all products contain a storage advice. Fresh fruit and vegetable depend on your eyes and nose. Most prepacked products however do contain a specific storage advice.

You may find two different types of messages on pack. The first one is a ‘use before’ message which means you shouldn’t consume the product after that specific date. The other and more common one is ‘best before’. This product can still be consumed and hasn’t necessarily gone bad, yet. The quality of the product however may be less.

Besides the shelf life there’s another instruction on packages which tells you how to store the particular product. This may range from frozen to refrigerated, chilled and event ambient. It’s all about the temperature. Often it also tells you what you should do after you’ve opened the product or used it for the first time.

Fresh mushrooms can be stored for quite a while before they go bad. But you need to make sure you store them in a similar place as where the grew: cold, dry and dark. When refrigerated the fresh white button mushrooms can stored for only 2 to 3 days before they start going bad. Best kept in the original package, a paper bag or a dry towel because mushrooms need to ‘breath’.

Ecopouch® mushrooms contain a ‘best before’ date. We guarantee a stable shelf life of at least two years. One of the great things about the product is that it can easily be stored in an ambient environment instead of a refrigerator. After you’ve opened one of our pouches it’s important to keep the mushrooms refrigerated and to use them within three days.

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