Fresh foods, especially fruits and vegetables have high water content. For mushrooms this is not any different. Various studies have shown that white button mushrooms contain approximately 90 percent moisture. Obviously we don’t want to remove all the water from the mushrooms because that would take away the flavour experience on your pizza or sandwich.

Ecopouch® mushrooms are first sealed in an airtight pouch. Ensuring nothing else but mushrooms are inside it. The mushrooms are then cooked in an oven and because we haven’t added water, they are boiled in their own juice. The moisture gets separated from the buttons, slices or dices and this makes it easy to drain the Ecopouch®. The makes an ideal topping for burgers, sandwiches and pizzas. The reduced moisture level will prevent your meal from getting soggy.

Another way to prevent your pizza from getting soggy is to allow it to “steam off”. Failing to do so is one of the most common reasons for loss of crispiness. Immediately after taking the pizza out of the oven you’ll want to put on a wire rack or, if your lucky to have one, a pizza screen. This will allow the steam to escape from the pizza. Instead of letting it get forced back into the crust. Leave it for about 30 seconds up to one minute at most.

One of the ways to prevent your sandwiches to get soggy is to avoid making it with warm ingredients. Of course some recipes include cooked ingredients. But if you let them cool completely before assembling a sandwich it will stay fresh and crisp for longer. The reason for this is that warm ingredients tend to give off condensation which can make bread soggy. Cold or room-temperature are your best bet to prevent this from happening. We’ve done that already for you with Ecopouch® which is stored in an ambient environment and can be used straight from the pack.

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