Did you know that half of a restaurant’s waste stream has nothing to do with food waste or leftovers? This can account for up to 35 thousand kilograms per annum. And that’s just one restaurant! This translates to a massive waste stream in food service globally.

Besides the international cry for food waste reduction there’s an opportunity to reduce waste in general. At Scelta we feel it is our responsibility to contribute to making the world a better place. Therefore we’ve invested a lot of time and effort in the development of packaging that is less wasteful and has even greater recyclability.

The Ecopouch® packaging is made of aluminum sheet material. The same base material as the traditional cans. No other material is as suitable for recycling as aluminum. It doesn’t loose any quality during the process. Besides that only 5% energy of the initial production is needed for the recycling process.

Once emptied an Ecopouch® bag is as flat as a sheet of paper. It takes up less space in your trash and is easy to handle. Nothing like the aluminum cans or the glass jars. And no reverses logistics is required for handling empty trays or other bulk packaging.

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