The Netherlands ranks fourth in the world in terms of mushroom production. It is preceded by the United States, China and Poland. Roughly 80 percent of the total volume gets exported making the Dutch the largest exporter in the world. Most of it is sold to German customers. The majority of the approximately 100 growers produce for the fresh market. But 25% still produce for the food processing industry. These mushrooms farms are mainly found in the provinces Gelderland, Noord-Brabant and Limburg.

There are many reasons why the Dutch mushrooms or Dutchrooms® are loved by our customers all over the world. First of all only two flights are sufficient because yields are very high. This results in shorter cycles of substrate use and that requires zero chemicals or pesticides to be used. Making Dutchrooms® one of the healthiest mushrooms in the world!

The logistic lines are short and we can guarantee 100% traceability and food safety. All of which are certified to the highest quality assurance systems. Quality control of all our Ecopouch® mushrooms is carried out to International Food Standard (IFS) which ensures our products meet the highest standards in the industry.

Production of our substrate or compost is concentrated within a few high capacity, high quality and high yield producers giving far greater yields. And finally our growers have generations of extensive knowledge and experience in cultivating mushrooms. The combination of these with the use of innovative and specialist equipment leads to the elimination of a major cost factor: the cost of labor.

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