Understandable labels that provide clarity on the ingredients used. That is what clean labeling is all about. This phenomena is becoming the norm for consumers and is no longer a fad or a trend. But not only consumers have a particular interest in what their food products consist of. We see this ‘permanent trend’ crossing over and affecting not only the retail channel but also the various food service channels.

Clean label is a term used as an overarching term for everything that appeals to the consumer. These labels claim a product is ‘natural’ or without additives. Ecopouch® mushrooms are exactly that. The only thing you will find on the list of ingredients are mushrooms. One hundred percent of them. Also clean label products contain very little or even none so-called E-numbers or ingredients that are unknown to must consumers. Obviously clean label product contain as little chemical sounding ingredients as possible.

This trend was instigated mainly by the growing trend of health awareness among consumers. People are interested in ingredients and more specifically natural ingredients. The percentage grew from 50 percent to 54 percent in just four years from 2012 to 2016 according to KANTAR TNS. Part of a more healthy diet is the reduction of sodium, better known as salt.

The mushrooms we use for our Ecopouch® products are grown by Dutch mushroom farmers. This means the products are grown without the use of pesticides. Also the soil on which the mushrooms grow is replaced regularly to prevent any contamination. Just hours after harvesting the mushrooms are transferred to the factory where they are processed.

After prepacking the Ecopouch® products are placed in a large oven and the mushrooms are boiled in their own juice. No additives are added nor do we add any salt or E-numbers. This ensures we produce a clean label product that is shipped to our customers all over the world.

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