Ecopouch® turns traditional mushroom conservation on its head. It involves taking freshly gathered mushrooms and cooking them in their own juices. No blanching and definitely nothing added. The result is clean label, shelf stable mushrooms and the freshest ever taste and texture with a two-year unrefrigerated shelf life!

If you ever had a doubt, here are 10 reasons to use Ecopouch® mushrooms instead of every other kind of mushroom. Just click on any of the subjects to learn more.



1. Lower total cost

Less handling and less preparation time. Ecopouch® gives chefs the time to focus on other things saving precious time and money.



2. For your convenience

Ecopouch® mushrooms are pre-sliced and pre-cooked. You don’t need to be a chef to create a delicious dish within minutes.



3. Quick preparation time

Ecopouch® mushrooms are already cooked and only need to be heated for a few seconds saving precious time when under pressure.



4. Taste and mouthfeel

Ecopouch® mushrooms are processed just hours after harvesting. This guarantees excellent taste and mouthfeel, similar to a fresh mushroom.


Clean label

5. Clean label

Ecopouch® mushrooms are boiled in their own juice. No additives – so-called E-numbers – and salt are being used.


2-year shelf life

6. Stable shelf life

Up to 2 years shelf life in an ambient environment so you’ll never run out of stock. Keep refrigerated after opening and use within 3 days.



7. Perfect storage & easy transportation

Storage in ambient temperature saves costs and valuable space in your chiller. Furthermore, it takes less shelf space than most other packaging formats.


Reduce waste

8. Less waste, sustainable product

Once emptied, an Ecopouch® bag is as flat as a sheet of paper which is easy to handle. No more reverse logistics of empty trays needed.



9. No soggy meals

Moist gets separated during production, making it ideal as a topping for burgers, pizzas or sandwiches. The reduced moisture level will prevent your meal from getting soggy.



10. Sustainable Dutchrooms®

Year round, sustainable, high quality mushrooms grown in pesticide free compost with complete traceability. Using Dutch mushrooms, you benefit from the world’s highest quality standards with year round supply.

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