Flexitarianism is a plant-based diet or maybe better described as a lifestyle. Where vegetarians eat no meat at all, a flexitarian occasionally will add some meat to his dish. Flexitarianism can therefor also be called ‘casual vegetarianism’.

The flexitarian lifestyle

Being a flexitarian means cutting back on your meat intake and replacing it with vegetables that are beneficial for your health. You can think of plant-based foods that include lentils, beans, peas, nuts, but also mushrooms.

A growing trend around the world

The group of flexitarians is still growing. According to Innova Market Insights in the USA 38% of the consumers is flexitarian, in the United Kingdom 53%, in The Netherlands 67% and in Germany even 69%. Worldwide, the flexitarian diet is increasing in popularity, especially with people who do not want to commit to a full vegetarian or vegan lifestyle.

A big motive for this group of people eliminating meat from their diet is the changing world climate and the damaging effects of the meat industry. Just looking at the comparison of meat and mushrooms, globally twice as much land is used to raise cattle than is used to grow mushrooms.

Scelta’s solutions for your flexitarian diet

Mushrooms are a great alternative for consuming meat. They are naturally high in protein and fibre, low in sodium, calories, fat and cholesterol free; replacing meat by mushrooms trims the amount of salt, calories and (saturated) fat, while still feeling full and satisfied.

For example: Scelta’s recipe for the Blend Burger, A mix of finely chopped Ecopouch® mushrooms and beef, swapping the meat proteins for those of mushrooms. It is an easy way to increase eating vegetables and decrease meat consumption while maintaining the meaty satisfaction. And what about our range of vegetable appetisers? Our breaded and battered mushrooms, vegetables (such as carrots, cauliflower, courgette and broccoli), onion rings, onion bhajis and Snex® are healthier snacks for the vegetarian or flexitarian.

Blendburger by Scelta Mushrooms

Adding mushrooms to your flexitarian diet isn’t just a healthier option but also a tastier option. Meat can easily be replaced with mushrooms without compromising on flavour and texture. Your meal will even be tastier because of the umami, which has a taste enhancing effect. So let’s start adding more mushrooms to your meal!

Better for the planet and better for you.

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