Mushrooms are very often used in dishes like pizza’s, sauces, soups and stews. The main reasons are that many people like mushrooms, it is a easy healthy product to process in dishes and it has an unique enriching umami flavour.

Although mushrooms seem to be an easy product, many people are facing challenges while using mushrooms. The challenges depend on the type of mushrooms they are using. In general people use either fresh mushrooms or canned mushrooms.

Fresh mushrooms

Most people prefer to use fresh mushrooms as they are perceived as best in appearance and flavour. The only thing that is forgotten is that this is only the case for very fresh mushrooms and that the quality of mushrooms deteriorates daily. Often mushrooms are thrown away after a few days or people need to buy them on a very regular basis to be sure they are fresh.

Canned mushrooms

Canned mushrooms are the result of the fact that the availability of mushrooms is limited, or that people don’t have the possibility to regularly buy fresh mushrooms. The canned mushrooms are also priced extremely competitive, so why aren’t we all eating canned mushrooms?
The structure and taste of canned mushrooms is not by far as good as fresh ones, and all types of additives are being added to the mushroom to ensure it has a long shelf life in the can. If people can choose the between canned and fresh mushrooms, they will most likely choose fresh.

What would Scelta recommend?

We know that it is very hard to always work with fresh mushrooms, but we also know that canned is not a preferred option. Therefore we have many different alternatives that give the same experience as fresh but work better in the operation. As every production process and kitchen is different there is no standard solution we can give, but if you contact us we will help you to get the best mushroom experience possible!

An impression of our alternatives for fresh and canned mushrooms


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