More flavour - less salt

Scelta Taste Accelerator is a natural flavour enhancer and salt reduction tool that meets the demand of natural and clean label ingredients. Our unique range of products brings out and balances the overall flavour profile of your product.

  • Reduce salt between 25% – 50%
  • Replace MSG / AYE / I+G
  • Masking bitter / metallic tastes from KCI
  • Reduce cocoa
  • Reduce salt while maintaining gluten structure and overall texture
STA Powder

STA Powder

STA Liquid

STA Liquid



Ingredients STA Powder

Mushrooms dry matter (45% +/- 5%), maltodextrin (55% +/- 5%)

Ingredients STA Liquid

Mushroom ultra filtrated concentrate (100%)

Ingredients STA CC

Mushrooms dry matter, maltodextrin, calciumchloride, silica


Cool and dry

Shelf life STA Powder

24 months in the original closed packaging

Shelf life STA Liquid

3 months in the original closed packaging stored at <7°C. Once opened store chilled (<7°C) and use within 5 days

Shelf life STA CC

24 months in the original closed packaging

Scelta Taste Accelerator® is an innovative umami tool that helps balance your flavour. With our STA, which can be used in processed foods, you can cut the amount of salt, autolyzed yeast extract and replace MSG, I+G flavour enhancer.

> 100% natural flavour enhancer
> Clean label
> Without losing taste and function
> Bitter masking effect
> Salt reduction up to 50%
> Small dosage, big effect

Scelta Taste Accelerator (STA) uses the natural power of umami to increase flavour and reduce sodium in processed foods. Umami, the fifth basic taste, gives food a longer lasting taste while working in a synergy with other basic tastes. Furthermore, umami flavour compounds have the ability to improve the palatability and increase perceived saltiness. It makes our line of umami-rich vegetable extracts a powerful, natural alternative to artificial flavour enhancers MSG/I+G/AYE, but also sodium reduction tool. Sodium reduction results of up to 50% have been achieved, without compromising taste and function and without potassium. The product can be declared as natural aroma and can be used in many different savoury solutions.

Also perfect for sweet applications. For example, it reduces cocoa in brownies.

STA Liquid or Powder

The liquid (STA Liquid) and powder (STA Powder) are used as a general flavour enhancer, MSG replacer and sodium reduction tool in all types of savoury products, ranging from sauces and soups to ready-meals. In general, an addition of 0.15% to 0.30% is sufficient to create an effect. Sodium reductions up to 50% have been accomplished.

Reduce sodium by using STA

People today consume too much salt. And we know that processed food is a big factor in this. But consumers have got used to the taste, and they don’t like it if manufacturers reduce salt in their favourite foods. Luckily though, there’s a way to reduce salt levels while still enjoying the flavours we love: Umami.

Sodium reduction gained a lot of interest over the past few years, caused by several research studies that concluded the Advised Daily Intake of salt is well exceeded by the largest part of the population. In response to this research, several governments issued new laws regarding sodium reduction.
Scelta Taste Accelerator’s line targets products that are battling to achieve sodium reduction without any compromise in taste.

Did you know that too much salt can cause irreparable damage your kidneys?

Umami - the 5th taste

You want to know, what umami is and how it works?

Learn more!

Further information about umami and the Scelta Taste Accelerator®

  • If I use the Scelta Taste Accelerator can I remove salt completely?
    Scelta Taste Accelerator (STA) works as a salt enhancer. The perceived saltiness is increased by adding STA. Therefore you can reduce up to 50%. It is not a one-to-one replacer for salt.
  • Does the product contain any potassium and/or sodium?
    Our STA products do not contain any added potassium and sodium. The potassium and sodium which are in the products are the naturally potassium and sodium content in mushrooms.  Nutritional value (per 100 grams)
    Potassium  Sodium NaCl
    STA powder 3000 mg 169 mg 0.43% +/- 0.02
    STA liquid +/- 4500 mg +/- 590 mg 1.5% +/- 0.5
    STA CC powder 3000 mg 271 mg 0.69% +/- 0.02
  • What is the sodium reduction mechanism?
    Our Scelta Taste Accelerator products work as a flavour enhancer. The product is made from mushrooms and contains naturally occurring glutamate and guanylate (‘5-GMP). Because of the taste enhancing effect of these components, the salt content of the product will be enhanced as well. That is why you will need less salt in your final product. Salt reductions up to 50% can be achieved.
  • How can STA be used as a natural taste enhancer?
    When you add our STA products to various applications, the taste acceptability is increased as well due to the effect of umami. Therefore the product is used to replace MSG/AYE/I+G.
  • What are the declaration possibilities?
    According to the EU law we can use the following declaration possibilities:
    • (natural) mushroom powder
    • (natural) mushroom extract
    • (natural) mushroom flavour
    • And natural flavour. 
    We can only declare the product as a natural flavour if it means that the product doesn’t add any flavour to the final product. This is the case when you use around 0.2% or less. Then our product works as a flavour enhancer. If you use more (depend on the application) a dosage of >0.2% can give a savoury and even mushroom flavour (>1.0%). Consequently you have to declare it as (natural) mushroom powder/extract/flavour. Always check the declaration with your own legislation department. 
  • Is Scelta Taste Accelerator organic?
    Our products are made from mushrooms. The mushrooms are grown without using any pesticides. However we cannot guarantee that there aren’t any traces of it in the straw, gypsum, chicken or horse manure which is used to grow the mushrooms. In the US our product can be labelled as organic. However, in the EU we can’t state this because of how the mushrooms are grown. Then again, we produce the mushroom concentrate in a natural way.
  • Is STA Halal and/or Kosher?
    Yes, Scelta Taste Accelerator is Kosher and Halal certified. 
  • Does your product contain anything else than mushroom?
    Our Scelta Taste Accelerator is made from the stems and blanching water of the mushroom industry. Our liquid version is 100% mushroom material, our powders are spray dried using a maize based maltodextrin. 
  • Is Scelta Taste Accelerator suitable for vegetarian cooking?
    Yes, our Scelta Taste Accelerator® is only made from mushroom material. 
  • Is Scelta Taste Accelerator a flavour enhancer with an E-number (E620-E640)?
    No, Scelta Taste Accelerator® is a natural ingredient. Flavour enhancers such as monosodium glutamate (MSG) are ranked among additives and labelled using an E-number (E620 – E640) in the ingredient list of certain products. 
  • Does Scelta Taste Accelerator contain any allergens?
    No, Scelta Taste Accelerator® does not contain allergens.
  • What is the difference between Scelta Taste Accelerator and MSG, YE and glutamate?
    The main components of umami are glutamate, inosinate and guanylate. Glutamate is found in a variety of foods including meat, fish and vegetables. Inosinate (IMP) is found in generous quantities in animal-based foods such as meat and fish. Guanylate (GMP) can be found in mushrooms. Many products contain natural glutamate. Glutamate is often mistaken for monosodium glutamate (MSG) which is a flavour enhancer that is 100% glutamate salt. Most flavour enhancers contain only glutamate or GMP and/or IMP. Unlike the Scelta Taste Accelerator® that contain all of these components naturally.