Love that taste

We love thinking about how to maximise – and minimise – for the best outcome for people and the planet. That’s how we came up with the idea of transforming our waste to taste. Our mushroom flavouring comes in liquid form, which can also be spray-dried into powder form. This can then be used in products such as dry or liquid soups, or sauces. It creates that mushroomy, full umami taste everyone loves.

Mushroom concentrate

Mushroom concentrate

Mushroom powder

Mushroom powder

Spray dried mushroom extract powder

Ingredients mushroom concentrate

Mushroom concentrate (100%)

Ingredients mushroom powder

Maltodextrin (55 ± 5 %), mushrooms dry matter (45 ± 5 %)

We offer more packaging possibilities.

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Storage mushroom concentrate

< 7ºC. Once opened store chilled (<7°C) and use within 5 days

Storage mushroom powder

Cool and dry, max humidity 70%

Shelf life mushroom concentrate

3 Months in the original closed packaging

Shelf life mushroom powder

24 months in the original closed packaging after production

Bringing out the umami

Our high quality mushrooms are tasty and healthy all over. That’s why we use the whole mushroom. The mushroom stems prove to be 100% natural flavour enhancers for our concentrates and powders. It’s how we bring out the umami.

Our mushroom powder and concentrate give mushroom soups, sauces and dishes a natural and intense mushroom taste. The powder and concentrate are made from residues that normally go to waste, so it’s sustainable as well!

  • Natural, intense mushroom taste
  • Sustainable produced from residues which normally go to waste
  • No added flavours or flavour enhancers
  • Adds a typical, well-balanced mushroom flavour and aroma to every dish
  • Spray drying the concentrate onto a non-GMO, maize-based maltodextrin makes a powder concentrate
  • Completely soluble mushroom base for wet (concentrate) and dry (powder) mushroom soups, sauces, dishes, bouillons, ready meals etc.

It takes 25 kg of fresh mushrooms (and seven hours!) to make 1 kg of concentrate.

Did you know that a large part of each mushroom could be potentially thrown away? That's a terrible waste of mushroom stems. Instead, we send trucks filled with mushroom stems to Belfeld in Limburg, home to Scelta Umami. Here they extract incredibly intense flavourings from these mushrooms. This results in mushroom concentrate, 100% natural.
Jan Klerken jr., Plant Manager Scelta Umami

Good on their own

Mushroom stems contain a huge amount of flavour. We cook and press the stems to create the tastiest mushroom concentrates. They are 100% natural, with no added flavourings or flavour enhancers, delivering an intense, umami-rich taste.

From concentrate to powder

We can also spray dry the concentrate, making a powder concentrate out of it. The powder is one of the highest quality mushroom powders around. What our concentrates and powders have in common? They are ideal for creating authentic thick and clear soups, sauces, bouillons, stocks, ready meals and various other savoury products.

At the production facility of Scelta Mushrooms, Scelta Umami, mushrooms parts and residues from mushroom processing which normally go to waste are used to produce the concentrate in liquid form. This concentrate is also available in powder form by spray drying the liquid product.
Scelta’s mushroom flavourings are manufactured to provide your dishes with the typical flavour of the white button mushrooms. The products give every dish a well balanced mushroom flavour with a nice scent. It is the perfect addition to your soups, sauces and other savoury mushroom dishes.


  • What is "Umami"?
    Umami is recognized as the fifth taste (next to salty, bitter, sweet and sour). It is a savory taste which compares really good to the other four tastes. We would even dare to say that everything tastes better with umami! If you want to learn more about umami, keep on reading!
  • What does HACCP mean?
    HACCP is a quality norm. It stands for Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points. This norm is founded in space technology. Pillsbury, a large American food producer making part baked bread rolls, developed for astronauts. They had to be absolutely certain the food wouldn't make anyone ill; the consequences of an astronaut in space becoming ill, vomiting or having diarrhea would be awful. If you would like to know how we use HACCP, keep on reading.