Combining the best of fresh and preserved mushrooms.

Ecopouch® has turned traditional mushroom conservation on its head. Freshly harvested mushrooms are cooked in their own juice. No blanching nor adding additives! This results in a clean label and shelf stable product which is easy to use. No other product will provide the same mouthwatering fresh taste and texture while guaranteeing a two-year unrefrigerated shelf life!



<25 mm / <32 mm

Slices <32 mm / <35 mm

Slices <32 mm / <35 mm

6 mm (optional also 4 / 9 mm)

Slices <40 mm

Slices <40 mm

6mm (optional also 4 / 9 mm)

Slices <50 mm

Slices <50 mm

6 (optional also 4 or 9 mm)



7x7x9 mm

Nutritional value per 100 g

Energy 13 kcal (54 kJ)
Fat 0.2 g
-of which saturates 0.0 g
Carbohydrate 0.5 g
-of which sugars 0.0 g
Fibre 4 g
Protein 2.3 g
Salt 0.01 g

Organoleptic properties

Colour Cream/light brown, gills may be dark brown
Flavour Typical for mushrooms
Taste Typical for cooked fresh mushrooms


Champignons / mushrooms 100%

Weight primary packaging

2,5 kg
3,6 kg
6,0 kg


Dry, ambient (10-25°C)

Storage life

2 years from date of production

Storage after opening

Keep refrigerated and use within 3 days

Natural fresh taste & texture

Just hours after harvesting the mushrooms are processesed and packed. Finally the mushrooms are boiled in their own juice. That’s it. No blanching (which is bad for flavour and nutrients). And definitely nothing added. No salt, no other ingredients, no E-numbers. This guarantees an excellent taste and mouthfeel similar to fresh mushrooms!

Ease of use

Ecopouch® mushrooms are ready to use right away, making them perfect for adding to pizzas, in salads and in and on burgers. The mushrooms are pre-cooked and only require reheating for a few seconds. Depending on your needs the product can even be pre-sliced or diced. We can also include seasonings like trifolati, Worcestershire sauce, garlic and soy sauce in the packaging to create complete ready meal solutions that cut time – not taste. These features save time and money. A two year ambient shelf life ensures you never run out of stock. Keep refrigerated after opening and use within 3 days.

Healthy & delicious

After a controlled light treatment the mushrooms release the naturally available vitamin D within themselves. Adding vitamin D to your dish without using any meat. No additives ensure a clean label product. Making your dish healthy and delicious!

Use the juice of Ecopouch

And something else: the juice released during processing provides a 100% natural umami base for delicious homemade soups, stocks and sauces. Just use the juice.

Easy recognition of our Ecopouch products high in vitamin D!

Why Vitamin D?

To maintain strong bones, your immune system and good health we all need vitamin D. Unfortunately it is one of the vitamins we tend to have a shortage of. Mushrooms naturally contain vitamin D and all they need to release it is a bit of sunshine. Because they are grown in the dark we give the mushrooms a brief UV-treatment. Providing our customers with products high in vitamin D. Helping you in creating a healthier and more nutritious dish for your guests.

Ecopouch adds sustainability to our economy. We guarantee less packaging and less energy.

10 reasons to use Ecopouch® mushrooms

Ecopouch® mushrooms combine the best of fresh and preserved mushrooms.

Convince yourself!

Do you have questions? Maybe we can already answer a few.

  • Why is it "Eco"pouch?
    The advantages of the Ecopouch® mushrooms aren't just less preparation time and the great taste. Eco stands for ecology: we nearly don't have any waste. Once the pouch is emptied, it is flat as a sheet of paper and as a result really easy to handle. Also 'eco' stands for economy. The pouches are easier to handle, don't have to be cooled. The storage does not cost as much money as products which have to be cooled.
  • What are E numbers?
    The so-called E numbers are approved food additives. However, the "E" stands for the European approved food additives. International, the food additives don't have an E in front of the number. For example: acetic acid is E260 in Europe, while in America it is called 260.
  • What is "Umami"?
    Umami is recognized as the fifth taste (next to salty, bitter, sweet and sour). It is a savory taste which compares really good to the other four tastes. We would even dare to say that everything tastes better with umami! If you want to learn more about umami, keep on reading!
  • What does HACCP mean?
    HACCP is a quality norm. It stands for Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points. This norm is founded in space technology. Pillsbury, a large American food producer making part baked bread rolls, developed for astronauts. They had to be absolutely certain the food wouldn't make anyone ill; the consequences of an astronaut in space becoming ill, vomiting or having diarrhea would be awful. If you would like to know how we use HACCP, keep on reading.