Dare to share. Scelta Mushrooms wants to contribute to a better society. We do that with our natural and healthy products, but also by supporting community projects. We have always given back to the community as a whole and our efforts have helped many.


Discover how Scelta Mushrooms became part of one of the largest reforestation projects on earth.

Araguaia corridor

From: Black Jaguar Foundation


Kokkerelli®: Kids University for Cooking

Healthy eating is very important for children. For their growth, energy and resistance, but also to prevent them from obesity and other diseases. Unfortunately, the majority of children have unhealthy diets. Cooking has become an activity of secondary importance in our society, while our knowledge of nutrition is extremely limited. Kids University for Cooking intends to change children’s food behaviour and aims to improve their health by connecting them with the wonderful world of food.

Kokkerelli®: Food = Fun!

Kokkerelli®, the first real brand for, by and with children. The brand where food meets fun in a healthy way.

Inspired by the children themselves and in collaboration with science, education and business partners, Kids University for Cooking offers exciting and instructive programmes that make 6-16-year-old children aware of their dietary habits. Kids University for Cooking will be based at Villa Flora in Venlo from 2013. The goal is to enable 100,000 children to experience food at a stimulating and exciting playground each year. Scelta Mushrooms is the Founding Partner of Kids University for Cooking.

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Scelta Mushrooms is proud sponsor of ISA Umami. ISA Umami is the study association for students of the master program Health Food Innovation Management (MSc HFIM), taught by Maastricht University. Besides, Scelta Mushrooms is partner of De Nierstichting. Together we would like to make the people in the Netherlands more salt-conscious during the “Restaurantweek”. All the restaurants participating the Restaurantweek, received our Taste Accelerator to reduce salt in their dishes during the Restaurantweek.



Scelta Mushrooms is proud business partner of VVV-Venlo. VVV-Venlo is the local professional soccer club. VVV-Venlo plays their matches in the Eredivisie, the highest possible division in Dutch soccer.

Alles heej is VVV!

Scelta Mushrooms as former shirt sponsor of VVV-Venlo. Currently, Scelta Mushrooms is proud business partner of VVV-Venlo

Fun fact

Did you know the Fingerfoodballs were invented at a VVV-Venlo match by our CEO Jan Klerken?

Fonds gehandicaptensport

We are strongly committed to people with disabilities. It is why we have subscribed to the 1% FairShare® concept promoted by the Fonds Gehandicaptensport (sports fund for the disabled). The 1% FairShare® concept is a scheme under which businesses invest 1% on top of their total sports sponsorship budget in sport for the disabled. For people with a physical or mental handicap, playing sports is very important. Sport improves their fitness and motor skills, expands their social networks and builds their self-confidence, resulting in enhanced participation in society.

For Scelta, disabled sport is the real ’Eredivisie’. We want to let disabled people experience for themselves what amazing things they are capable of through the medium of sport.

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Besides VVV-Venlo, Scelta Mushrooms sponsors a lot of other health initiatives like: De Venloop, Kankeronderzoekfonds Limburg, VieAmi, equestrian sports and different sport clubs.