The Dutch foundation „samen tegen voedselverspilling” was founded to fight against food waste in the Netherlands, as well as in the chain as also at home at the consumer. Since the 1st March, Scelta Mushrooms also is a stakeholder of the foundation, trying to minimize food waste in the Netherlands.

Food Waste

88 million tons per year. That’s the terrible number of food being thrown away in the European Union. 53 % of these 88 million tons are thrown away in private households, 30 % are thrown away in the agribusiness and food processing. And finally, there is the gastronomy (12 %) and the food trade (5 %). You see, food waste is a really big problem.

All over the world it’s even more. 1.3 billion tons food are thrown away per year. Just imagine, that 28 % of the cultivable land on earth is used to grow food, which never will be eaten.

That’s why “samen tegen voedselverspilling” is founded. Together with companies from food processing, food trade, gastronomy and also universities they work hard to reduce food waste through the whole chain in the Netherlands.

How are they going to do that?

  • Monitoring and measuring.
  • Building a network through the chain, gathering more knowledge to develop innovative solutions.
  • Reaching consumers and trying to help them avoid food waste.
  • Changing the rules together, stimulating legislation towards a circular economy.

Using everything

The mushroom itself, the stems, the blanching water and even the compost. Everything of the mushroom can be reused and is not wasted at all.

What is Scelta Mushrooms doing against food waste?

Having a look at food in households, fresh products are leading in wasting food. Looking further, we see that just a small amount of frozen food is thrown away.

That’s one of the steps Scelta is doing against food waste. Freeze fresh mushrooms directly after harvesting makes them even fresher than fresh and locks all the good things inside.

Also preserving our mushrooms does not contain that much waste. The used blanching water is used for another product and the mushrooms are preserved to a longer shelf life.

What to do with the stems of the mushrooms and the blanching water of the preserved mushrooms?
Also here we do have a solution. Stems and blanching water are used to make mushroom concentrate and powder and our Scelta Taste Accelerator, which is able to boost flavour.

So, we’re already quite busy trying to cut food waste. But that’s not everything we’re doing. We’re doing a lot of research to avoid throwing away our products. We are constantly searching for better cultivation methods and raw materials, that’s how we want to improve our own products and generate innovations.

We prevent residual flows through research into new cultivation methods and raw materials, which leads to innovative products. Prevention is better than cure!
Jan Klerken, Ambassador Scelta Mushrooms

What can I do?

There are a few things, everyone of us can do, to avoid food waste.

  • Check your stock. What do you still have, what should be eaten next?
  • Make a plan. Write a shopping list and stick to it while shopping.
  • Cook to the point. If you’ve cooked to much, you don’t have to throw your food away. Just pack it in the fridge and make sure to store it correct.
  • Use your senses to check, if the food is over date. Look, smell, taste!
  • Set your fridge to 4ºC.
  • Know, where you really should store your food.

Think before shop! One step closer to reducing food waste.

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