The United States is well known as a producer of fresh mushrooms. Besides production, the United States imports mushrooms from various countries around the world. Important suppliers for fresh import are China and Canada. Nearly all frozen mushrooms are imported from the Netherlands.

The Netherlands first

From 2016 to 2017 the volume of frozen mushroom imports rose with a value of $19.76 million. Just like other years, the Netherlands is dominating this category representing 90% of all frozen imports in the US in 2017. The price for frozen imports fell to the lowest point since AMI began tracking import statistics in 1991.

Because of the increase in volume in 2017 relative to 2016, the volume of the mushroom import in the United States has almost returned to the same volume as in 2015.

Frozen mushrooms imports to the United States

UAV is the Average Unit Value

Source: June’s edition from Mushroom News. Data derived from the Foreign Trade Division of the Census Bureau.

Frozen mushrooms

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