Are you celebrating with us?

We are celebrating the national stuffed mushroom day today!

This holiday actually comes from the US, but we are celebrating with them. Of course, because we really love to celebrate everything around mushrooms!

We talked to our chef, Ruud Ververgaard, and he really loves stuffed mushrooms.

Stuffed mushrooms are easy to make and so delicious. Also, they go with nearly every kind of event. As a party food, as a side dish with your menu, as a snack - stuffed mushrooms are the kind of all-rounder everyone just loves.
Ruud Ververgaard, Head Chef of Scelta Mushrooms

To celebrate the National Stuffed Mushroom Day, Ruud created a stuffed-mushroom-burger. This one is made with blended ground meat (the recipe can be found here), so it’s a double portion of mushroom!

To enjoy these little snacks, you just need the following ingredients:

-big white button mushrooms
-blended ground meat
-some rocket
-sriracha mayonnaise

First, prepare the blended ground meat.

Cut the tops of the mushrooms, to make sure that they are lying even on the ground of the plate. Also snap out the stems to make it possible to fill them. Then, put the mushrooms in a pan and shortly fry them. Doing it like this, the mushrooms are not losing too much water.

Prepare small portions of the blended ground meat, form patties out of them and fry them with oil in a pan.

Put the patties on the mushroom “bun”.

Place a small piece of cheese on the patty.

Add some sriracha mayonnaise.

Put some rocket into the mayonnaise.


Enjoy these little snacks!