March is official National Nutrition Month in the US. So why not taking a short break to talk about nutrition?

Nutrition, Flexitarianism and mushrooms

Nutrition is becoming more and more important. Just have a look flexitarianism. This style of eating contains less meat, but therefor plant-based foods like vegetables or fruit. According to Innova Market Insights, 38% of the American are flexitarian. In the UK it’s 53% and in Germany even more: 69%. Not everyone is aware of that, many don’t even know the flexitarian diet. But what they know is: they want to reduce their meat consumption.

Let’s have a closer look at mushrooms. Mushrooms are used to blend meat, for example burger. In burger, they maintain flavour while reducing the sodium intake of people by 25%. Also, mushrooms reduce the calories and fat, while adding important nutrients.


We care. This is why we want the youth to learn a lot about nutrition and food.

Read how we teach them.

Food = fun!

Healthy eating is important for children. For their growth, mental development, energy levels and immune system. But generally speaking, people don’t always eat healthily. That’s why The Kids University for Cooking Foundation was established. Teach children about health and nutrition. From, for, by and with children. Let the people of tomorrow gain knowledge about healthy nutrition and therefor a healthy lifestyle. Food = fun!

Healthy and tasty

Scelta Mushrooms constantly is working on good food by having great ideas. Just have a look at our vegetable snacks. Because we all should not stop snacking, we should just try to snack healthier. Try veggie fries instead of French fries. Try veggie tots instead of normal tots. Try coated veggies instead of normal veggies, to make vegetables more attractive to children.

This month it’s all about nutrition. Let’s make it a good month.


Innova Market Insights