2019 is coming quite fast. And so are new trends! We would like to recommend at least one of them: mushrooms.

The Mushroom Council just shared five reasons, why mushrooms will be trending up for 2019. And we totally agree! That’s why we would like to share those five reasons with you.

1 – Mushrooms are a central ingredient in many of the most searched and shared recipes.

At least, that’s what social media says. And what we say as well. Mushroom as a center plate is not just super tasty, it’s also rich in nutrients and vitamins, a real superfood. Mushroom and Chicken Stroganoff was one of the most pinned recipes on Pinterest and Mushroom Fettuccine is reported as one of the most posted recipes on Instagram. Eating mushrooms all around the world is not just trendy, you can combine them with nearly everything. Thinking about using mushrooms in your next dish? Have a look at our recipes.

2 – The mushroom + meat blended burger movement is growing.

Blending is trending. Burgers get juicier, tastier and even healthier. And they even get more sustainable! So why not blend? This year, the James Beard Foundation did a blended burger project in the US. More than 350 restaurants joined the competition to win the price of the best blended burger. We were not there, but we are pretty sure that the blended burgers really tasted that delicious than they are looking like.
We also already made a recipe for a more sustainable burger: The Blend.

3 – Mushrooms are the base of the trendy bowl craze.

Do you know bowls? Bowls are the best way to combine many many different ingredients to one tasty and really good looking way. Our chef, Ruud Ververgaard is also offering it to some of our guests at The Scelta Kitchen. And every time he is using mushrooms. Why? Because they are bringing every meal to a new and higher level.

4 – Mushroom sales continue to grow.

Yes, it does. The superfood, full of the best vitamins, is still one of the everybody’s darling on every menu. Supermarkets are recognizing growth over the last years.

5 – Mushrooms provide meaty-like flavor for plant-based and plant-forward dishes.

Flexitarianism is not just a trend. It’s a lifestyle. And it’s growing. More and more people eat less meat because of some reasons. And to get the same mouth-full taste they know from using meat in their dishes, people are using mushrooms. The umami in the mushrooms gives a really rich flavor to the meals, a rich flavor everybody loves. And knowing that, salt can be reduced in the next dishes.


Source: The Mushroom Council

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