The James Beard Foundations’ Blended Burger Project™ is a US-American movement to make burgers better by blending the ground meat with finely chopped mushrooms. For the fourth time the project ran the whole summer to find the tastiest blended burger in the US. 

But first of all, why are burger better with mushrooms inside? The burger becomes healthier, because of trimming fat, calories and sodium. It’s tastier because of the umami in the mushrooms, which makes the beef even more mouth-watering. It’s easier to get your daily intake vegetables and, last but not least: using mushrooms is even more sustainable for the planet than using meat. 

The concept is hotter than ever. That’s why 350 restaurants took part in the project and presented their incredible blended burgers. More than 250.000 consumers voted for the top 20 entries which could be found online. A jury picked the top five winners based in the most creative use of mushrooms, the best flavour profile and the presentation. The chefs are going to present their burgers on October 18 at the James Beard House in New York City.  

The Blended Burger Project of the James Beard Foundation took place for the fourth time this year.

At Scelta Mushrooms we developed our own blended burger recipes for Food Service restaurants. These recipes can be altered based on personal preference. For the blend burger recipes we used our Ecopouch mushrooms which are precooked and have a shelf life of 2 years making them perfectly suitable for food service chains. As of October, the Ecopouch mushrooms are enriched with vitamin D. This makes the burger even more nutritious!

The winners of the Blended Burger Project are the “Thai My-Shroom” of the restaurant The Bearded Chef (Palm Bay, FL), the “Fox Chapel” of Burgh’ers Restaurant (Pittsburgh, PA), the “Smokey Mushrooms Venison Blended Burger” of Courtyard Café at Raymond James (St. Petersburg, FL), “El Tejano Borracho” (The Drunken Texan), of Curb Side Bistro (Odessa, TX) and “The Royale” of Toltec Brewing (Albuquerque, NM).