Did you already had a look at our Corporate Social Responsibility? We really care about our environment and this is one of the reasons why we are supporting the Black Jaguar Foundation. Take a look at how the BJF works and how succesful 2018 was for them.

It’s not just planting trees. The Black Jaguar Foundation (BJF) is driven to restore the balance between nature and mankind to improve the life of each of us and all future generations on our planet.

Last year really was a great succes for the BJF. Some of the highlights of the last year have been summarized:

  • Completed the Mapping Task of the entire 10,4 million ha Araguaia Corridor Zone thanks to World Resources Institute (Brasil), also a partner of the BJF.
  • In July, a secocond nursery for native trees has been constructed.
  • Completed the Biodiversity Planning of over 6,000 ha.
  • Expanding the community of restoration & mapping partners in Brazil.
  • On the 12th of September, BJF organized in collaboration with Scelta Mushrooms a celebration event, to promote and communicate the successes of the BJF until then – and how they are planning to keep on going.
  • In September, the first nursery for native trees became operational! The planting has started!
It's not only a question if the Black Jaguar Foundation needs you. I think you also need the Black Jaguar Foundation.
Koen Vanmechelen, conceptual artist