Experimenting and innovation

‘Winnovation’ is Scelta’s foundation. Innovation is in the DNA of our company. It is the driving force that has shaped our company and will continue in the future. The world of food is evolving with new trends, new technologies and new needs. At Scelta Mushrooms new products are developed through irritation, inspiration, research and trends. All around three main pillars: taste, health and sustainability. We dare to be different. Together with our partners we are continually looking for new sectors where we can put mushrooms to use, for new taste sensations, new opportunities and healthy products.

New Business Development

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Scelta research

The mushroom is truly a miracle. It is packed with vitamin B, C and D and contains essential minerals like iron, phosphorus, copper, potassium and selenium. Through research and by making a biometric passport for the mushroom we have been able to track down more substances contained within the mushroom.

The following discoveries have already been made:

  • The most important component of the cell walls of mushrooms is chitin. This is an effective moisture-regulating agent which is used in hand creams and shampoos, among other applications. Until now, chitin has been mainly derived from shrimps; mushrooms represent a sustainable alternative because it is completely vegetarian;
  • Chitin contains glucosamine, which is used to treat arthrosis. Chitin also contains chitosan, which has an anti-bacterial effect;
  • Another substance found in mushrooms is mannitol, a natural sweetener – ideal for diabetics.

Undoubtedly, there is more to come. Together with partners, we are continually looking for new opportunities and healthy new products.

It all starts with our growers

Our growers play a crucial role in the continuity of our business. We couldn’t do what we do without their hard work.

Van Asseldonk Champignons is a Dutch family business who has worked in partnership with us for over 20 years.

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Sustainable Dutchrooms®

The best in the world.

Making use of state-of-the-art technology, mushrooms are grown in high-yield mushroom cellars, under strictly controlled conditions. For us, taste and sustainability are key.

Our mushroom growing partners grow our produce on compost. Horse manure, chicken manure and straw, all in various ways waste products, are combined with gypsum. This mixture is processed into compost by a small number of high-capacity and high-quality producers. This stage takes place in an indoor environment, in which gas emissions can be managed and recycled. Mixed with mushroom spawn, this compost forms the breeding ground for our delicious mushrooms.

The casing soil which tops our recycled compost is made of water, virgin peat, and spent lime, a by-product of the sugar-beet refining process. All natural. No chemicals or pesticides are required to produce mushrooms and they grow in the dark. The mushrooms are harvested with the use of innovative specialized equipment, while the remaining compost and topsoil are reused as fertilizer for land improvement.

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Production facilities

We have 8 state-of-the-art factories in The Netherlands. The head office in Venlo supports the production facilities with marketing, sales, research and development. They process a large selection of frozen, preserved, coated, dried, or extracted mushrooms, as well as a broad selection of vegetables in many forms.

Our stainless steel collection

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