Mushrooms, onions & vegetables

Our great-tasting vegetable appetizers are ideal for people looking for nutritious, plant-based but still delicious and convenient food options. Explore our assorment:

Vegetable appetizers

Cauliflower, broccoli, carrots, zucchini...

Our wide range of vegetable appetizers bring variety to the market. Eating vegetables has never been so much fun! Even those who don’t like their greens will love our appetizers.

Mushroom appetizers

Coated in crunchy goodness

Our breaded mushrooms are made of freshly frozen, high quality white button mushrooms. These nutritious bites are pre-fried in a crispy golden-brown coating and are available in various exciting flavours

Onion appetizers

Natural, formed or bhajis

The sweet taste of onions is preserved in a crunchy breadcrumb or tempura coating  Our tasty onion rings come in natural and formed rings or what about onion bhajis?